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    Fuking intership

    Just found out i am in danger of not going into my internship next year All because i have headphones in class and because of bitch ass teachers.
    And i have a average of 14 in most grades.
    Which in a class of 14 students (originally 22 when the classes started :|).
    Fuck it ill just go to hardware shops Shoot my CV and hope one takes me then ill shove it off in that bitch teachers face and if she denies me the internship i got for myself ill get her ass in court for fuking breaking the law Obstruction of learning (At least these retarded politicians got some laws correct fuking portuguese retards)
    Oh and i might as well say that all the other retards have the tecnical knowlage book smarts and shit But when theres a motherfuking problem they all resort to my experience most of them never even built a computer from the roots and even so those who did and have explored most of its resources are not going for the internship.
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