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    Irie's - Sex?

    Ok so I was going Downtown and I see this sexy ass white girl looking at me so I kinda turned around looking out the crack of my eye the bus stopped we got out so I let her go first she smiled at me so I smiled back we both were going to the same play (A place for lunch) so I invited her to sit with me we was talking and laughing I asked her do she want to go to my room she said she have to ask her mother so she called and her mother said she has to get back @4:00 it was 12:03 so we went to my room and we talked and laughed she laid on my bed so I laid next to her and we talked and shit so she gave me a kiss I had a major bonor it was a good thing I had jeans on so she couldn't see it as much so she got on top of me (In a horizontal way as if she was facing me looking down) so we started kissing it was 3:50 and we just started talking again (This time she could see the fucking bonor I was like ) so she laughed and it was 4:00 and she had to go I was fucking pissed be atleast I have her number

    Total spent today: 15$

    Total spent within the trips: $565
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    You got a bonor from a kiss? You're easily turned on dude.

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