ok. ok. ok.
so here's the story, i was all liek walking down the street.
and i saw a weird green thing so i ran and jumped into my motorized shopping trolley and grabbed my potato (used to steer). then i revved my car in hope of the loud noises scaring the weird green thing off, but my acceleator broke (carrot.) so i ran and jumped into a potato salad and had sex with a rainbow llama. i then saw 360 and justin bieber having sex so i ran over and joined (i fucked them both with a hammer). then i woke up in some weird house, and i went to sneak out cause i thought i'd been kidnapped. and as i walked it this massive arsed black lady (her ass was bigger then moot's sea of piss [4chan reference.]) and she was all like hey sugar lips wanna brownie, so i ran and did an epic 360 chuck norris karate kick.
and i fell through the floor and i was watching tv with steven hawkings. we were watching some weird show about how acrobats are very flexible in bed (also know from experience, maybe i'll tell a different time) and then the tv transformed into a rainbow llama and we had more orgasmic sex. and then all of a sudden the rainbow llamas butt was spewing out money so pulled my pants wide open and collected the money and all of a sudden. *BAM* bill clinton was getting it on with oprah in the gutter (ass and pussy, ass and pussy, ass and pussy).
then i bashed up julia gillard with a chinese leprachaun. then i went back to space in my potatoship.