So there is this boy named Ben. Ben likes this girl but is too shy to tell her, so one day ben gathers the courage to ask her out and she says yes unexpectedly. The girl was really slutty towards Ben and he felt he was in love with her. So then she asks him to come over to her house and he does but he's really afraid to meet her family. So the night comes he goes over to her house, it's just getting dark and the only person home is her brother Rick. So Ben is kind of sketched out and then Rick comes up to him and asks what he's doing with his little sister at their house, Ben doesn't know how to respond until the girl steps in front of her brother and said "back off, he's mine" so rick went back to watching TV and didn't pay any attention.

Ben walked back to her room, then when inside she told him to get naked. So Ben got naked, then she took her shirt off and told ben to undo her bra. Ben undid her bra and couldn't believe the situation. So then she made ben lay back and started sucking his cock. She gave the most compassionate blow job ever as she gargled his 5 inch dick down her tiny throat. Just as ben was about to cum she stopped, then she screamed out "RICKKKKK!!!". Ben came as she as just holding his penis, it obviously wasn't as good but he still orgasmed then as rick came in her saw Ben's cock leaking cum dripping down it and then his sister said "I Want you to fuck Ben in the ass" then ben shouted NO WAY. But she said the only way she would let ben get off to her is if he took Rick's cock up his ass. He replied again saying "fuck no that's gay" but then rick said "Too bad" and pushed Ben down face first and gripped his arms around his waste and held onto his ballsack as he shoved his cock up his ass. Ben let out a deep moan as his eyes began to roll in the back of his head, It felt so unbelievably unnatural to him. Rick thrusted his big 8 inch cock in and out ben's asshole roughly and started to rip ben's ass.

Ben was helpless as he was taking it up the ass and the girl he was about to fuck is just watching and enjoying her entertainment. After Rick finished up in Ben, Ben ran away and went home and never spoke of this incident because he was too embarrassed.

and that's the story of Ben.