I put this is spammers corner because it contains my referral URLs. It rewards both of us. but this actually works and if you're smart enough, make a fair amount of money.

Please, if you enjoy this. PLEASE DO NOT rip off the idea. It is very dirty


I have discovered a way to accumulate BitCoins, without wrecking your computer in any way.

If you already have a bitcoin or cryptsy wallet, you can skip this first step but if you are new to this, and you do not already have a bitcoin wallet, you can get a free one by using this address:


Just cut and paste that, and signup for a free account.
Cryptsy is a place where you can have your free bitcoins deposited and any other coins as well! (There are many types of digital currency out there besides bitcoin )

Once signed up, click on "Balances",

Look for the Bitcoin "BTC" row and click on link on the left side that says "BTC Actions" from the drop down select "Deposit BTC".

Then click on "Generate New Deposit Address" - That will create an address to deposit your bitcoins too.
This address is unique and just for you. Cut and copy and save it to a notepad or word document on your computer.

Once you have a Bitcoin deposit address , go to the address below and signup:


Yes. It contains referral links. I have it setup so that people who actually put effort into putting in a captcha every hour for the bit coins. If you hit the bench mark you receive some bitcoins. Simple. Have fun!

the multiply your BTC tab at the site works wonders. I went from 0.00000225 to 0.00000985 in a matter of minutes. That's a total of 4 hours put into 6 minutes based on some guessing/mathwork via figuring out strings.
loving the fact I can get a free 500 bucks simply by pressing a few buttons.

Once signed up, please post so I can keep track.