So this is what I remember of the game: I used to play it about 4 or 5 years ago I think. In the game you play as a character who was capable of summoning many different types of creatures including stinky ones, assassin types and even archers. It was a fantasy game so you fought against mythical creatures. Also, as you gained levels (think) and could upgrade your creatures so that there would be more of them. You had access to I think 4+ creatures but you could only take like 3 or 2 types with you which you could then summon during levels. The character you played with also had a sword so you could fight by yourself. The game was in a 3rd person perspective and had quite nice graphics considering its age. I played this game on the PC but I am not sure if it is also on consoles. I do not believe this game has any sequels, it was just 1 single game (pretty sure). If there are any more questions answered please write them in the comments and I will respond ASAP! It's graphics were also similar (also the game style) of god of war 3. Thanks!
Update: The graphics and gameplay is VERY similar to the game Soul Sacrifice.