A Little Boy Named Joey, Was About 7 Or 8 Years Old, And Stayed With His Grandpa Over A Weekend So His Parents Could Get Away. The First Day, When He Showed Up At His Grandpa's House, His Grandfather's Dog Ran Up To The Car Door Barking And Jumping Up At The Passenger Window With Joey Inside, So His Grandfather Came And Grabbed The Dog By The Collar And Drug Him Away, Lecturing The Dog About Doing Such Things.

Joey Played All Day Long On His Grandfather's Farm, And Found That The Dog Was Friendly, So Joey Befriended The Dog And Played With Him. At Supper Time Joey's Food Was Waiting On A Plate For Him. When Joey Sat Down To Eat He Noticed Little Specks Of Things Still Attached To The Plate. He Points This Out To His Grandpa: "I Dont Think These Plates Are Clean Grandpa" To Which Is Grandfather Replied: "They're As Clean As Cold Water Can Get Them Boy, Just Eat Up And Nevermind Those Spots Boy" So Joey Finished His Meal And Went To Bed.

The Next Day Was Just The Same. Joey Played In The Fields With The Dog All Day, And At Supper Time His Food Was Waiting For Him Again, Still With Spots Of Left Over Food Stuck To The Plate. Joey Again Announced This To His Grandpa: "Grandpa I Dont Think These Plates Are Clean, Are You Sure Its OK To Eat Off Of Them?" And Again His Grandfather Replied: "They're As Clean As Cold Water Can Get Them, Just Eat Up And Nevermind Those Spots" Joey Finished His Meal Quickly And Ran To Bed, He'll Be Going Home In The Morning.

His Mother Comes To Pick Him Up, And When Joey Closes The Door To The Car, The Dog Rushed At The Car, Out Of Sadness To See Joey Go. Joey Rolls Down The Window And Pets The Dog One Last Time Before Leaving, When His Grandfather Bursts Through The Front Door Screaming: "Cold Water! Cold Water, Get Your Ass Back In This House Right Now!"