About me.

My name is Cole, I was born on 5/23/1999 (Do the Math).
I live in, United States, Kentucky (The Bluegrass state).
I love the life I lead and I feel as if everything must be done in a precise manor.
I work and go to school at a Horse Park. I work with horses 2 hours a day and get an education for 5 hours. The school is dedicated to help children with disabilities, like down syndrome, and preparing horses to be ridden by the kids. I do not get paid but I do it for the experience. Every other Wednesday 5 groups of special needs kids from 5 different schools come to the Horse Park and have fun, by dressing up horses, playing kickball, and baking cupcakes. I also dumpster dive at Gamestop every Saturday and find a bunch of stuff. I have been Gamestop dumpster diving since March 2014. I like to code what I can, due to the inexperience, and I go to code teaching program. I am currently learning how to make an app for iOS using X-Code. I do not know what else to put here so this is where it will end.


In 3rd grade I started gaming. I got a Wii from my birthday and played monopoly on it with my family like every day. I soon became tired of the Wii and ended up not playing it at all. In 5th grade my best friend received an XBOX-360 for his birthday and his parents got him COD: Black ops 1 and Halo: Reach. I didn't know what to think about that since I did not have an xbox. I went to his house a few times and started loving the XBOX-360. Near the end of my 5th grade year I received an XBOX-360 with Halo: Reach and COD: Black ops like my best friend. I played that thing nearly every day. A year and a half later I was very bad and got the xbox taken away and hidden. I found out where my father put it and played it secretly. I talked to my cousin on it and we were making plans of what we should due the next Christmas. He was excited and told his mother to call my mother to make these plans a reality. Once they spoke his mom said I was talking with him on xbox. She said that was not possible because it was taken away. My dad confused went into my room and found my hidden xbox. In rage he told me to follow him. he brought me outside and threw my xbox off the porch. It shattered to hell. Later that month I started getting on my fathers computer a lot and heard of a game called minecraft. I had no money at that time so I download the cracked version of minecraft and played that for a while. Christmas came up and I received the for real version of Minecraft from my cousin, the xbox one. I played that and got bored quick, so I started "Hacking" it. I met a fellow hacker on a server and we became friends. He introduces me to minecraft "alts" I became interested and found this site. I joined Last December and I am still here today. Thanks you for reading.

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