I don't feel like having it in my sig because it can be bigger if it's in a thread!

The more points=more respect

If you are not on here, leave me a visitor message. I will add everyone but that does not mean everyone starts out with points .

Obama - 100
Bugmenot (AKA Endrit) - 80
Dave - 80 (cus he is teh hecker)
Liz - 60 (don't realy know her)
Tommahawk (is he still here?) - 80
Gourav - 100
Mouzie - -100 (Sp4Mz0R)
DBB - -50 (one word description: 0.o)
Blueduece2 (sp?) - 50 (sig)

How it is calculated:

If you hack, you automaticly get less points.
Brownie Points