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    Smile Why you shouldn't Hack and facing the reality if you do

    Alright i got this Email from a Friend.

    Ok, so as many of you know, hacking can be fun but it can also be devastating.

    the majority of you hackers are teenagers. why?

    because adults are grown up and are too busy having a JOB and anyone 18+ takes full responsibility for crimes.

    therefore Hack-related sites is made up mostly of teenagers.

    WHENEver you hack, you have to think twice. Its sometimes the smallest things that can actually have a large influence on police.

    For example, lets say you hacked a website today and defaced it, (there are high odds that the webmaster got pissed and reported your IP.)

    Now you think its no big deal right, especially if you used an ip hider. but your mac address still isn't spoofed which if you don't know what that is google it.

    So then the next day, you hack someones gmail, you set up a phisher and log peoples accounts.

    well, the victim can see your ip that logged into gmail and the phisher would get reported to the web host.

    by the anti-phishing act signed, they take phishing more seriously than keylogging and its so very easy for noobs to get arrested using this method.

    So as you can see, everything you do, everyday you increase your risk percentage of getting caught.

    So now you may be angry at me, acting as if nothing is going to happen, thats what i thought to. but it was never the same for me.

    Some Story

    ONe day on October 7th when a guy was at school.

    5 police cars parked in his driveway. and there were 7 police officers and one man wearing a fancy suit.

    They searched his entire house and took his computers, his xbox 360 and every single electronic except for the TV's.

    He was shocked, He now have 2 new computers at home which He's using and my ipod touch was with me at the time.

    Now guess what? the search warrant they placed on Him, told him the crime happened between April-May

    they waited in 6 months before busting Him. LOL

    Now here are some tips:

    1.) Don't think that just because police haven't come to your house for 2 months since a crime means theyr'e not gonna come.

    2.) Do NOT feel scared when you hear police sirens nearby. the police only have sirens on when something is an emergency. (in this case they will silently come to your house)

    3.) Format your hard-drive NOW and do it twice. Using all wipers you can possibly do.

    So basically most of you don't understand the reality of a situation.

    For Example:

    When your a powerful haxxor, you end up feeling powerless when your caught. Why? because internet skills don't comply with real life skills.

    When you think about Swine Flu and your told to wash your hands and blah blah blah,

    you think your never going to get sick or you don't worry about it as much.

    but then when you DO get it. you suddenly realize

    i'm gonna die, and im so young, you then realize how serious it really is.

    Same with hacking.

    its serious. dont do it if your not Ready.

    find another hobby.

    I reccommend Playing Games or What you want.

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    next time use english so i can understand it better. thanks <3

    Czar [x][x]
    Liz [x][x]

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