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    A Personal Story.. In Spammer's Corner bc It's a Long Read

    When I was 13 I had the worst, most traumatic experience of my life. After 5 years of therapy, I think I'm finally ready to recount the story. Just a warning: it gets kind of graphic.

    To sum it up, my drunken, crazed step-dad, in a fit of fury, murdered my biological mother and little brother before killing himself - and I had to witness this with my own eyes.

    Up until the start of middle school my life was pretty great. I had a nice, caring family: my dad, my mother, and my younger brother. My younger brother was born with autism, and despite his high maintenance, my family and I loved him to death. There were some moments where it got annoying, but most of the time he was cute as hell. It was kind of like having a little puppy for a brother.

    Despite my awesome relationship with my brother, I think the person Will (my brother) was closest to was my father. My dad would play with him and me whenever he got the chance, twirling him around and making him laugh his head off. That's part of the reason it was so hard for Will to let him go.

    One afternoon, dad was late from work, which was strange, but not worrisome. When it was almost dinner time the doorbell rang, and the policemen there gave us some life-shattering news. My father was killed in a car accident. A truck driver on the highway had been distracted for whatever reason, and ran into my dad head-on. He died instantly.

    It took Will a couple weeks for him to fully understand what happened. It probably wasn't until the funeral until it fully hit him. We would never see our loving father again. I will never forget the wailing sound he made when we saw his casket lowered into the dirt.

    Apparently, the night before Dad left us, Will and him watched the movie "Up." After the funeral, Will developed this thing where he would watch "Up" for hours on end, day after day. In almost all of his free time, he would watch that movie over, and over, and over.

    After dad died, money was really tight since my mother stayed at home, and Will's medication was crazy expensive. My mother was forced to date and remarry, and even though our step-dad was wealthy, he certainly wasn't the nicest guy in the world. My mom underestimated what she had gotten herself into.

    A few weeks after he moved in, we began to see Will would be a problem. Will absolutely HATED our new "dad", and I wasn't too fond of him either. The thing was, I could practice self-restraint. Will, not so much. Our step-dad's patience wore out fast.

    One of the most fucked-up forms of punishment he came up with he called CERT. It stood for Captivate Entrapment aRound the Tree. Pretty much, he made a tree-fort and would lock Will in there for a day or two without food. It was brutal. My mother didn't know about it, because our step-dad threatened us so that we wouldn't tell and she was always busy with her two jobs. She thought it was nice that he built Will a tree house.
    Once, Will did something that especially pissed our step-dad off, and he was up there for three days. When I stopped being able to hear Will's voice (he always pleaded for me to throw him the movie "Up") I gave in and told my mother, fearing for his life. My mother started panicking, and at that precise moment, my drunken step-dad burst through the front door. My mother screamed "you monster! Let him out of the tree!". My father glared at me in fury, and then whipped his eyes back to my mother. "You fucking bitch. For that, he's never getting out of there," he had the grin of the devil as he slurred out his words. My mom ran to the phone to call the police, and my dad roared, grabbed a steak knife off the counter, and jabbed it into my mother's side. He pulled the knife out, then in, then out. I lost count of how many times. I ran towards her, but he dealt me a blow that sent me straight to the ground. He turned back to my now dead mother, and seemed to just now realize what he had done. "Shit..." he muttered, "It's all that little cunt's fault. He made me do this. If he hadn't..." He lumbered, stumbling, towards the back door. "Will..." I crawled after him as best I could.

    When I finally made it outside, I saw my step-father's figure staring up at the tree. "Please..." I heard Will weakly whisper, as if clinging to life. "Please... I want to watch 'Up'.... Let me out... please... Bring the ladder around and let me out...."

    The last words I heard my crazed, drunken step-father bellow before losing consciousness were this: "NOOO! I"M NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU 'UP'! I'M NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN!! I'M NEVER GONNA RUN AROUND AND, DE-CERT YOU!!!"

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    I may be a fucking AWFUL Person, This is sad as fuck.
    If you'd like you can join my Autism Awareness Group

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