This server is one of th best NEW servers out there. We started about a couple weeks ago and already we have VERY ACTIVE players; Including the owner . Our Gm's are fun, active and nice! If you need some thing that you cant find ask them and *Poof* You have it :P. V.75 Update coming soon (chairs, monsters, maps, etc.). Here is some of the details of the server:

Welcome to HateStory. The Rates are : 1000x/500x/5x. We are a new Server
and we are DEDICATED. We are running v62 and we got lot of events and surprises
Absolutly no lag!!

Here is the website : - Welcome to HateStory - Welcome to HateStory

Here is the registraton link: - Welcome to HateStory - Registration

Here is the Download Link:

Clean V.62: ********** - The leading online storage and file delivery service

There is a Pic Attachment file, Click it and and see what your up for.

Thx and Have Fun while playing

See you in-game~ IGN: Sammy