Judging by the lack of updates and the sticky's from 3+ years ago, by this point the hacks are 99% dead? Even the "unpatchable" chams we used to use.

If I recall my account was banned by nexxon. I was just curious if there was anyone still doing them. I also remember that nexon had stepped up everything and the arms race had ended, the hack creators all went private and left us to fend for ourselves. It just wasn't worth the effort 3 times a week to have to completely re-create your basic hack packages for release, due to nexon constantly fucking them up.

I'm sure there are some top kek private hacks out there, but we no longer get to use them, or even pay for them. I guess no one even wnats to risk doing PvP hacks either and it's all about gaming the PvE pay to win game modes?