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    Name Spoofer?

    I seen like in 2008 where people used to edit there name manually with MHS editor but that hasnt been working I think they patched that. Is there any other way to spoof my name ON CA eu for free no paying stuff. Because MHS is not working because I open Combat arms go to a game and leave then i open process, and it says on MHS unable to open process. So, i go on Mhs and open with Debug or for Debug same thing, I browse for Engine.exe and I open it i get an error when I try to press ok to open it. So i press ok again and the entire mhs freezes. Can anyone tell me if im doing it right. Or how I would spoof my name differently on cheat engine, or something. I been reading up on it and I think you need to bypass CA. But im pretty dumb at coding so does anyone know how I would spoof my name in any way if so comment below or skype me and search and then you will see a username Haie and talk through there.
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    Probably not possible at all anymore. I'm surprised this was even possible at one point. I'm sure you could still modify your name on the client side, but chances are the game relies on the server to provide the names of the players in the game, so modifying it on the client side, would not change the name everyone else in the game sees.

    That being said, to modify it on the client side, you would just need to attach to the process and scan the memory for the string (your username). If it helps with your search, the username string is probably UTF-8 encoded (they now allow special characters outside of the range of ASCII, so they must be using UTF-8 or higher).

    As for your specific issues with using MHS, I have no clue how to help you. I do not use MHS, nor have I even heard of MHS before.
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