Hi fellow hackers, I and many others have just recently gotten the newest Maintenance from Nexon that has "Patched" Hacker Fail's CA EU/NA Hax v2. NOT "Detected," because otherwise if we tried to inject the detected hack, we would gt banned instantly. Believe me, i've tried it multiple times, it injects, I login to CA but when I get in the Server Menu and press INSERT nothing pops up. But this doesn't mean we still can't use it because Hacker Fail only said so far that is was "Outdated" and not "Detected" like version 1 of his hack.

SO.... from what im trying to get at is that I know Hacker Fail is trying to get v3 of his hack going, but my question to Hacker Fail is: When can we expect your "Hacker Fail's CA Hax v3 DLL?"

I think all us hackers out here on MPGH would love to know this as well. So, if you are reading this Hacker Fail... Please let us know how long until we can expect your CA Hax v3 to come out.

Thank you Hacker Fail for your hard work into putting these hacks together and releasing them to the public and everyone here at MPGH thanks you as well.

Well, that's it for my post. If anyone has any questions or requests for new functions for Hacker Fail's hack... Please post on this thread towards him as he is the developer of this hack. (besides anyone who helped him that I do not know of... lol)

Thank you and goodbye for now. =) <3 #HackerFail #CAHaxV3