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    hack menu only

    Hi guys, its just that simple, I do NOT WANT HACKS!

    I just need someone to make a hack visual menu, not including the hacks.
    I am not advertising, I am just editing a picture I have of me hacking. I made my own mini-hack with chams, super knife and speed hack. I cannot code anything else and I want it to look like I can. I just want a simple hack menu which only shows the menu, and nothing works. like a picture of it. There will be no title and then there will be a list of hacks. I would prefer a blue on black design

    features on the menu (do not code, i just want the visual thank you)

    D3D Chams
    Weapon ESP
    Enemy Nametags
    Rank ESP
    Health Bars
    Console Chams
    Pickup range
    Infinite Range
    Super bullets
    No Spread
    No Recoil
    Speed Hacks
    Rapid Fire
    Weapon OPK

    Whoever does the best visual will be rewarded with 10k NX.
    If you do not accept payment of NX, I would reward you greatly.

    Thank you for taking your time reading this

    *EDIT* Whoever does the best 3 designs, will get to test the hack I made

    proof that I actually made the hack.
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