Please note that before replying to this thread that this is not a begging, pleading or ranting topic and If I do find any of the previously listed actions in this thread I will ask that you leave this thread and not return. I will not tolerate any of those things in this thread and if the case need be I will ask that this thread be closed as a dead topic.

Anyways on to the forefront of the topic. I have in mind an idea for a hack, thought I myself am not suited for coding and do not have very much knowledge on the topic of that. My idea is for a menu hack that includes its own injector. A hack that persay when you want to use it you simply load the program and launch CA with it. I was thinking that it would be cool if it had hacks like "No spread" and "No Recoil" but separated so that you could use one or the other.

Second, on to my question of the hour. I understand that the values of CA have changed since the new update, I was actually wondering why we're now going on two days and no one has managed to crack this yet, or if they have there is no information on it anywhere to be found. I suppose my question is, are we to expect that everyone has given up on attempting to create non-vip hacks for CANA?

Once again, do remember that I will not tolerate any begging in this thread and to add one other thing, I will also not tolerate raging, please keep your rage within the confines of your own threads.