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    Is this able with ESP Boxes / Chams

    I still remember that I was possible to Fraps while using Chams ( Chams were not visable on video )
    For this I used a recorder who Recorded: Engine.exe only.
    I was unable to do this with every hack except for IH's Aurora ( I just saw MPGH also an Aurora hack which looks pretty much the same. )
    I can't tell if it would have been possible with that hack too. Because I never actually have done that.
    I am pretty sure that there are people out there who know how to do it. But I still have trouble finding out how it is possible.
    If anyone here could help me any further it would be awesome!
    Maybe this will make it more clear what I actually mean. I'm sure this guy frapses with Chams on.
    And.. Yeah this Aimbot seems pretty... Legit.

    1:14 is the clearest part.
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    Its not possible to hide chams. Chams are drawn from Engine so if you were recording Engine, it would show up

    You should be able to hide DIP/Texture chams though

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