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    A Request To Flengo!

    Hi Flengo
    I Have Been MPGH For Some While Now And Im a Big Fan Of You Hack's!
    Im An Eu So I Think It's Safe To Say Your Hack's Were The Easiest And Coolest I've Ever Used Im Sure Some Folk's Will Agree With Me.
    I'v Noticed That Not Many People Are Making Hack's For Eu Heck Not Even NA!
    So Since You Have Quit Your Work I Was Hoping If You Could Get Back TO Making CA Eu/NA Hacks Please!
    All The Current Hacks Are Either Detected/Patched It'll Be a Great Time TO Release Free VIP Hack's!
    If NOt Will You Please Think About Giving/Teaching Your Method Of Coding To A Developer SO He/She May Make Hack's.
    I Know CA Is Mostly Dead For Many Player's But It's REally BIg In Eu There Are 9 Channel's In Alpha Server And They Are Moslty Full Sometimes If Your Lucky You May Join.
    SO Please If Not For Na For Eu Only I Know You Might Think OF Me Selflish But I've Been Waiting For You Releases For a Long Time Now.
    So Just Think About it Will You!

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    Been busy. I'll just make one last attempt at perfecting this iTunes integration. If it fails, I'll release as is for now. I've held it off for too long.

    I'll try for EU support as much as possible

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    If you need help with anything, just let me know.
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