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    hack idea?

    im unsure as to which section to post this in, so if im wrong please move thread...

    ANYWAYS, i have an idea, i used to come up with these long ago when i played but noone took anything seriously so i stopped giving idea's.... but i think this one is a pretty good idea....

    Think of it as,,, anti-kick, anti-see, anti-gameplay, or just a general annoyance.

    well, you know how they have tried "anti kick" and it has been patched for years, well, i was messing around one day with different grenades with some hacks with unlim. ammo.

    has anyone noticed, when a player is at the level to use flashbangs, if used correctly, the flash can hit a player from ANY ANGLE, even with back against the flash. if you have ever been flashbanged, you know how annoying it is.... you can't see ANYTHING. even if you press ESC, you cannot quit game, because the white screen.

    now a while back i've heard of a spacific person [unnamed because it reps another hacksite form ages ago] who was able to create a new grenade function called "nade-defier" which in simplest terms, it gave your grenade projectile results like a "bullet" so to speak. no arch down, no max distance, and explodes on contact. basically, switching a grenade mechanics and the "arrow" mechanics for the Assassins "Explosive crossbow", so the grenade will fly straight, and hit your target like nospread/no recoil.... now, if grenades can be switched with their type of throwing and projections, if you could switch the grenade mechanics to a BULLET, mechanics, you could then use the "one shot kill" function [makes a bullet hit a player, no matter WHERE you shoot or aim.] and spam people with grenades. now, i don't know if this part would work still, due to the fact i suck at C++, but back in the day, there was a version of the hack, that if you had 01/00 in your ammo clip, and shoot off that LAST bullet, it will still hit EVERY enemy teammate, regardless of numbers. that 1 bullet will hit EVERYONE, in the head. if you could switch grenade and bullet, you can spam grenades, INSIDE the hitbox? then include a hack, that "ONCE AT THE LEVEL" you can purchase flashbang and spam that directly at every player.... and considering if you've gone out of your way to make THIS part of the hack, might as well keep going to find a way to make a "FLASHBANG" duration of the whitescreen a LOT longer... THEN, might as well switch it to hit teammates AND FLASH them too.

    boom, you've got anti-kick, you can't see your screen, at all...... if you cna throw 1 flashbang, and hit every player IN THAT GAMEROOM, NOONE can see, except you. they can't even quit game, because they don't know where the button is. then you can switch to your normal gun, kill them all off, and keep doing that process untill game over. and if we're going that far to hide the player from being seen with hacks, i remember there was a "score modifier" back in the day, that only made the "end game" scoreboard 0 kill, 20 or so deaths, when SERVER sided, you just got 500+ kills, 0 deaths.

    i know, this is just an idea, and im pretty sure the physics of the game cannot be altered since when i saw some of these, it was back in 08....


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    Think you're talking about Nade Strike. Anti-Kick was around still until a short while ago. Unlimited ammo is also around currently, however it is only in VIP hacks.

    I'm sure there's a range property for Flash Bangs. Find that and change it should increase the range. But yeah, most of it was done in other methods.

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