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    Exclamation Ok guys, I need some help here *Begging hardcore*

    I am an old school player of Combat Arms, I have several perm weapons and gear that I spent a decent amount of money on, and I don't want to just LOSE it to hackers in the game.

    Yes, I said it. I don't condone hacking. Granted, I don't GIVE A F*** if you do it in other people's lobbies as long as it's not done in my games. I mostly play zombie/cabin/fireteam extreme and sometimes black lung...Lunar labs, etc...

    I was wondering, I like to play legit, and was wondering if you guys could lead me to more info, or even PROVIDE me some kind of "hack" that would PREVENT those in my game rooms from hacking, OR if they do, to crash THEM out of the lobby, etc.

    I'm sorry, but if you're gonna hack, PLEASE don't do it in my game rooms, I don't care wherever else you do it.

    And yes, I rage kick. If you're hacking, or being unfair to others, I don't give a shit what you say. I'll kick you. Even if it means kicking down to 2 people in fireteam. If people aren't respectful, or nice, or FAIR, I'll bitch and kick.

    Anyways, You know who I am now, and I'm asking for your help...

    I'm tired of someone killing 300 zombies in Cabin extreme and getting 1.2mil score, and me not getting 600 zombies, and getting a score of 120k
    OR someone putting out 1,000 med kits on the ground in less than 2 seconds, or rapid placing unlimited mines, or such.

    Can someone PLEASE HELP ME.

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    Not possible. You can't create a hack to stop others from hacking.

    The closest thing is Elite Kick which allows anyone to kick anyone out of the room. Best would be getting Elite Mod.

    You can't create a hack that stops it though. Sorry.
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