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    I just want some hacks?

    I'll try not to sound like a spoiled kid like some people on here that say "I WANT HACKS BY TONIGHT". No. I just want some hacks to use on cabin fever, and i wont use it in pvp. I will also only use it after asking for permission. I remember a long time ago, i used to have hacks because my brother let me play using the hacks he had. He used Gordon and an injector but that was a while ago. Anyways, anything works, but i do want the super knife thing, and telekill, as well as being able to no clip through things. Again, anything works! Thanks! Im new to this website by the way. I've been here before, and knew it was for hackers, but i had no idea how to use this website or how it works. If im doing something wrong let me know. Thanks again!

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    Okay, you can just wait for someone to release some or you can make a hack.....enjoy

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