Hey Guys, BunneeHD here. I've just created a gun review for Baron's M416 CQB so if ou'd check it out that'd be awesome!

Combat Arms | Baron's Revised M416 CQB Gun Review:: (COPY & PASTE WITHOUT SPACES) ww w. you tube. com/ watch? v=XfkFdxSqxwg

I started this YouTube Channel for Combat Arms a few months back and uploaed a few videos but then i quit i had too many commitments for CA and i had to quit, but now im back and very active. Im 19 years old and im Australian

I do Commentaries, Live Commentaries, Giveaways, Shoutouts, Reviews, Clan Matches and Tips & Tricks.

I have already uploaded 4 Commentaries ( 2 being Live Recorded ones ) and already uploaded 2 Giveaways ( Both were $10 Karma Koin Giveaways ).

I am willing to give shoutouts to my subscribers, i currently have around 30, if you message me on YouTube ill mention you in my next video! Im also willing to subscribe to people that subscribe to me

Im also looking for a partner to do some Dual Commentary Collaborations with (preferably someone with a YouTube Channel that does CA Gameplay) so we can help each other out a bit as well.

If you're interested message me on Youtube:: My Username is BunneeHD
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I hope to see you subscribing!! Thanks