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    OB| OmegaBeastz MW3-BO Sniping Clan OB| (Clan Recruitments)

    Welcome everyone and thanks for viewing. This is a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty Black Ops Sniping Clan.
    So far we only have 9-10 people in the clan (including me) and not all are snipers. My ingame name/steam name is OB| Faze witch use to be OB| I Stab U. Now lets get to the chase, I have made this sniping clan because I love sniping and I really want to have fun with people if so make youtube videos on us and just own some people out there. I have been practicing on sniping only servers yet iv only got 2 360's. Im a average quickscoper and noscope hardscope ext...

    To get in:
    To get in all you have to do is go to Steam Community :: Group ::
    Now I dont know if thats a outside link or site and im not aloud to post it but that so people can join the clan,
    also I can take that away if needed and you will have to go to Friends > Add Friend > OB| Faze

    Now this is optional but I really want everyone in the clan to do so. Please put OB| Followed by a space like so OB| Space

    We dont have a server, teamspeak, site or any of that stuff yet because we have just started.

    Now thanks everyone for reading please enjoy the clan
    OB| Faze

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    Omg im so srry I posted this in the wrong section
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