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    [XBOX]CSaW Clan[XBOX]

    Hello, I am CSaW DreamZzZz on Xbox live. The CSaW Clan is recruiting active quickscopers and trickshoters. We only do clan for Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 and only on Xbox360 for now.

    About CSaW

    CSaW was founded on October 21, 2011 by CSaW Trickz. It has about 15 people that are active in the clan and we have private matches almost everyday for fun and to test our skills in S&D. Why join CSaW? Well for one we are one clan out of a few that has a professional website for all the fans and members of CSaW to enjoy.

    Do you want to join CSaW?

    To be able to join CSaW you must go to the CSaW website and apply the CSaW website is listed at the bottom of this post. After you apply CSaW DreamZzZz(ME) the owner of the website will take a look at the email it will take up to 24 hours for a reply back if I think your good enough from the description then I will tell the leader CSaW Trickz and then we will make up a day and we will get back to the person threw email and tell the person what time and date we want to meet the person. Then you will get accepted if we think you are good enough.

    XBL Names: CSaW DreamZzZz, CSaW Trickz
    Website: CSaW Clan | Home
    CSaW DreamZzZz Twitter:!/CSaW_DreamZzZz
    CSaW Trickz Twitter:!/CSaWclan
    CSaW DreamZzZz Youtube: TheGamingTechinques's Channel - YouTube
    CSaW Trickz Youtube: CSaWClan's Channel - YouTube
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