Hello people, me and my friend are the owners of this new clan called Slim. It is on Xbox 360, no other console. You must have 800 Microsoft points to change your name. Must have Slim [Your name]. We need at least 3 people with an HD pvr and good editing skills. This clan is literally new so don't troll at us for having only 4 people who changed their names but we have 6 people in all. We are hoping to grow a lot more, we are friends with some people in Force, and FaZe. We hope to be as good as FaZe.(Or Force, ETC :P) We enjoy throwing knifing. We are pretty skilled throwing knifers. Instead of trickshotting last kill, we like doing like throwing knife tricks. (of course you set-up)
__________________________________________________ ________DETAILS___________________________________ _________________________
Gamertag: Slim Tacoz
Members (changed their name): Slim Lunar, Slim Trickster, Slim Tacoz

Members: OmegaBros98, Kaizay , Leidy ily , ZeRo Snipzz

Co-Leader: Slim Tacoz

Leader: Slim Trickster

Hope you Come!