The TRoLL Clan is recruiting NOW! We already have a YouTube page and once we start playing and hittin them killcams we'll post them. If you join ,your Channel will be in our Channel's Sub Box xTRoLLSNiPiNGx - YouTube

Add the PSN: xTRoLL-DRaGGx
To join you MUST be:
-have a Mic
-be able to hit Creative and Stylish Trickshots
-be good at quick-scoping

And you must be Commited. If you do manage to make it. You will have to make a NEW PSN: xTRoLL-<Your Name>x

For example, I am xTRoLL-DRaGGx. Send a friend request with the message "I want to join" and we will private match. First I will stand still and see what kind of Trickshots you can make. Then we will have a QuickScoping 1v1. If you are a good TrickShotter but a bad Quickscoper , u still have a chance at making it ( or vice versa) but you will have better chances if you are good at both.