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    -|vG|- Looking for members!

    Hello -|vG|- is looking for members to join our clan.
    We play iw4m and other games. We also have servers as well.
    just look for any servers that say:
    -|vG|- Vitric Gaming, we have a total of 13 CoD: MW2 servers, 1 CoD: MW, and 1 Minecraft server.
    We mostly play MW2 tho, we have B3 and we are looking for many dedicated members to join our clan and servers.

    If you would like to join hit us up on our servers or apply in this post, with this application:

    • How old are you?
    • Your In-game Username:
    • Real name:
    • You must be a well-known and active player in the servers with a good reputation.
    • Must be a fun person to hang out with ( a really good sense of humor will get you in faster)
    • What other games do you play?
    • Aim/Xfire/Steam/Skype Usernames
    • Availability(times you can play)
    • All members must use Teamspeak at least once every 2 weeks. Do you accept this condition? (if you ever plan on applying for an admin position, you MUST be on teamspeak everytime you are in-game)
    • Were you referred by a current member? If so, who?
    • Why do you want to join Vitric gaming?
    • -|vG|- is a NO CHEAT CLAN. We do NOT tolerate cheaters/hackers. This means YOU should NEVER cheat/hack while a member of this clan. If you are caught, you would be permanently banned from our servers and kicked from the clan(and we catch everyone). Do you comply with this rule? (answer with a yes/no)
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    Valid keys, he gave me one himself.

    Need help? Pm me
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    application for ps3

    Iam 14 years old

    My ingame name is uJstGtFdInTheA

    My real name is Leo

    I dont play other games

    I can play anytime until 1030 mtn time but i will be back on at midnight mtn time

    I accept the no cheating rule

    I accept the teamspeak ruel

    are you on pc xbox or ps3
    Team Render PS3

    yummy some dentine ice... you know what i think ill drink some ice water

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