>[UMB]< U Mad Bro

Ello everyone. I have made a clan for Black Ops on the Wii for people who enjoy trolling others. Good with an RC-XD? Got a great shot with the famous RPG? Then why not troll the noobs, make them rage?! All trolls welcome (trapping people, playing dead, etc.) are welcome! Currently no requirements (kdr, accuracy, or even knowledge of trolls) are required. I tried looking for people on the games, even changed my name to say R>Trollers but didn't get any takers. I can even help someone get into trolling if they'd like. We have a website, BUT I am not posting a link because.... RULES ARE RULES. So far it's just me...so some admin (later on) positions are available if we can get the clan started. Send me a pm or reply below and I'll send you a link in pm or by text message in-game. Invite your friends!