Hello, my name is Azzurro. I am the clan leader of the clan: BTY. The BTY clan was founded by I, Azzurro in early 2012 (Modern Warfare 3) . We are currently recruiting anybody into our call of duty elite clan. If you would like to join our clan, you will need to add BTYx Azzurro on the Xbox 360. We are currently not accepting Playstation 3 users. You do NOT haft to have a high Kill Death Ratio, nor a high level. We are currently running a level 7 clan almost a level 8 clan . The estimated time for level 10 is 1 week from today. HURRY! TO APPLY TO OUR CLAN GO TO: Call of Duty® ELITE - Your Call of Duty® Headquarters AND SIGN IN TO THE CALL OF DUTY ACCOUNT LINKED WITH YOUR XBOX LIVE GAMER TAG. CLICK THE "SEARCH" BAR > SEARCH FOR "TeamBTY" . It will say "0 Players found. scroll down, you will see "CLANS" It will say "TeamBTY" Underneath it, click "TeamBTY" > Click Apply > Click Send Application. (YOUR CLAN APPLICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED WITH IN 5 HOURS AFTER YOUR APPLICTION IS SENT. CLAN LEADER WILL RECEIVE IT FASTER IF YOU SEND HIM A MESSAGE ON XBOX LIVE SAYING YOU HAVE SENT THE APPLICATION).