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    Hi, i want to trade my account for one that has the following weapons : Aks74u Corvus,m4a1 (any special edition is fine)ak47(same) dsr(same) pgm(same)

    it doesn't have to have all of them ofc, if it has even some of them,it's ok.

    The rank can be whatever,same for sd.

    what's in my acc :
    Point man : Galil raptor,veresk roswell,aks74u desmodus,p90 freedom,kriss death,10ga blue horse,mp5k and mp5a3
    Rifle Man : Ak74m seroja,M4a1 carpio,m4a1 marine,SA58 Para,Sidewinder,Ots silverion,AMD65 Phoenix,Tar21 tiamat,ak47 cqb ao,fn fnc,g3a3
    Sniper : PGM 338,ASW 338 Pegasus,m40a5,FR-F2 Neon,Training blaser,m24

    pistols : dual beretta barbatos,beretta barbatos,TMP,mk23 tempest
    melee : Signal bar(63days) prisoner's foodtray (perm) blue zonda bat (perm)

    my skype is zlotyk400.
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