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    My Account looking for ASW.338 betrayal Account or 25€ PSC


    i´d like to trade my A.v.A Account for a account with ASW.338 betrayal or for 25€ PSC.
    i dont care about ranks or s/d all i want is a account with that gun and it must have the original E-Mail and the account must have never used any hacks.

    My account has:

    MP5K Hanami, SR-2M Rune Master, M870 May Queen, Milad Dual, Striker Kaliya, Kriss Super V Noel, AKS-74U Espada, Spectre Tauben, MP7A1, MP5K Trainer, MP5SD5, Remington 870, AKS-74U Noel, SR-2M Veresk Roswell

    AUTO 9 Death, S&W500 Witch, Milad57, M92FS Red Line, SW1911 Argento, Python unique OverRider, Dual Barbatos, Phyton OverRider, Beretta 92 FS, Milad57(a 2nd.), MK23 Socom

    M16VN May Queen, SA58 Garnet, Sako RK 95 Noel, M16A2 Noel, AN94 Onca, MG4KE T-REX (.x2), AMD Kaliya (.x2), AK-12, Milad FAL, AK-47, Rx4 Storm, FN-F2000 Trainer, AK-47CQB Ao

    PGM.338 Albino, Milad.338, HK417 Noel, DSR-1, FR-F2 Neon, FR-F2 Noel, TPG-1, Blaser R93 Trainer, PGM Kaliya

    i only trade with MM or you go first!

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