Rank: Bluee Rank
S/D: 1,800
Money: 30K
AP: 3
Bluetickets: 90
Redtickets: 3

Email and Skype: moises27marzo@hotmail.com (Add me if you have question´s or if you wanna see the acc on screenshare skype)

Price: 25$ USD SKRILL payment or Paysafecard only (Nop! ,I dont have paypal Because paypal dont support my Debit Card)

Pointman (F1):

- MAGPUL PDR Witch (Rare)
- P90 Freedom (Special)
- MP5K Training (Normal)
- K1A1 Rail (Normal)
- SR-2M Veresk Roswell (Special)
- MP5K Mod 0 (Normal)

Rifleman (F2):

- AK-47CQB Ao (Special)
- M4A1 Witch (Rare)
- Training FN-F2000 (Normal)
- OTs-14 Groza (Normal)
- SA58 Para (Normal)
- M4A1 Freedom (Special)
- AN94 MOD 0 (Normal)
- AK-47 (Normal)

Sniper (F3):

- MSG90A1 MOD 0 (Normal)
- Training Blaser R93 (Normal)
- TPG-1 Roswell (Special)
- PGM.338 Freedom (Special)
- FR-F2 Neon (Special)

Secondary (Pistol):

- Glock21c Good Luck (Special)
- Dual Barbatos (Special)
- Desert Aquila (Ultra Rare)
- P226 (Noob)


- LMS Smoke Bomb II perm (special)
- Smoke Storm Rider perm (Special)


- LMS Silver Nunchuks (Special)
- Uchigatana (Special)
- LMS Black Nunchucks (special)
- Eisbeil Aquila (Rare)
- Mx-01 Saw BlackEdition (Rare)


- ERDMAN Mask (Rare)