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    Want to sell 2 old accounts with 1mil and 600k

    Looking to sell 2 accounts with 1mil euro and 600k that was farmed with hack, the accounts was farmed back in 2013 when we had euro farm.

    if this accounts has some value I will sell it. paypal only


    Contact skype or here with offers.
    1mil+some guns
    600k-0 guns
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    I am A Very Trusted Member in the Trading Section of Crossfire/AVA.....

    Vouche for:

    vouch for @bartgatsby fast trade and a good comunication.

    People that Vouche for my

    Quote Originally Posted by johne1 View Post
    Vouch for him, I went first and he screenshared the entire transaction as well as provided all info I asked for
    +1 Vouch.
    Quote Originally Posted by bartgatsby View Post
    Vouch for bixu I bought the acc. I went 1st and it went smooth. Good trader.
    Quote Originally Posted by ja.chen View Post
    Successfully bought from bixu, i went first, we screenshared, everything went smoothly. +1 Vouch, good trader.

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