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    Selling blueskull account

    As the title says im selling a blueskull account:
    Selling it for 20 euro Paysafe or an good trade acc.
    Use MM or u go first

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    trade maybe ?? ... i mean no one will buy an account for 20 euros with only blue skull if u want to trade PM me i think i have a good offer

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    Quote Originally Posted by lTugaPTl View Post
    Every one can trust this guy! He made several Trades and NEVER SCAMMED! I 100% VOUCH HIM AS A SAFE TRADER!
    Quote Originally Posted by Mohaimen Hassan View Post
    done... traded for 2 warface accounts
    nice doing trade with you.. 100% smooth! I also went first!
    Quote Originally Posted by dannyhoo View Post
    Totally 100% trusted, Don't afraid to trade with this guy!

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxedout View Post
    Nice guy, makes trades simple and easy. Thanks! +Vouch!

    Quote Originally Posted by zenoo787 View Post
    My account has been traded. Thank you for kingofproz! It was all right. Trust him. He trades clean, we traded without OMM, fast.
    Quote Originally Posted by *Firefly View Post
    King is great guy, trusted member vouch for him

    Even More On VM's page Check them

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