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    I SELL GOOD AVA ACC, Pointman:desmodeus, p90 harimau, bizon arachne,A2 Commando,Spas 15, Calico M950, Galil mar,MP5SD5, K1A1 Rail, FN TPS, SR-2M Veresk, MP7A1,Saiga 12, Kriss Super V, M4 Spectre, Benelli M1014 , SG552, SPAS-12, KBP PP2000, MP5K-PDW, Bizon PP-19, Uzi, UMP45, P90, Remington870. Rifleman: Carpio ( x2) , Sidewinder, FA-MAS MK.3, Remington R4, XM8, CR-21, AK-107BIS, Diemaco C7A2, M4A1 MK.3, FN-F2000, AK47 MK.3, Robinson XRC, SG556, Snow Leopard M16A2,RX4-storm, AK47 Hawkeye, AN-94, M14EBR, SA58 Para, AUG-A1, AUG-A3, AK74M, HK416,M4A1 BumbleBee, Firefox,FN-FNC, L85A2, SAKO RK.95 , SG550, M4A1, AK47, M16A2, FA-MAS F1 ,G36, TAR21, Pristis Burst,TAR-21 Tiamat,MG4KE.
    Sniper: IMI99SR, PGM.338, SVD Zebra, DSR-1, Walther Wa-2000 , Knights SR25, FR-F2, Mad Galil, AWM,VSS, SV98, TPG1, Borte Chino.
    ALL THIS GUNS ARE PERMANENT , NO EXPENDABLE GUNS , Pistols: Ingram Mac10, SW1911, TMP, MK23 Socom, CZ75 , Beretta92FS ( expandable),Stechkin APS ( expandable) , Glock21C(expandable) , P226(expandable), Skorpion vz 61 ( expandable).
    Knife:el raffe kukri ( for a lot of days) , Ignis scythe ( 29 days) , field knife. Armor : at moment EURO ARMOR for a lot of days , but you will find 1000AP on this ACC and 1000BP. If you buy it now you have PNADE and Halloween HELMET for 15 days. RANK IS NOT HACKED.
    Euro: 222.000. SD: 1041. Name: you will find NAME CHANGER so you can change your name. MY skype is :emanuele.salafrica ( skype name)
    I'm from Europe , but i accept too dollars, you can CHECK FIRST ACC before BUY. ADD me skype if you are Interestd MAKE YOUR PICE

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    Hey mate ^^ I think no one will buy this acc because its euro added so I think u should keep the acc for you. .. if u want for sure: )

    There is no such things as "Islamic terrorism," because terrorism differs from Islam - Bashar Al-Assad

    Please ask for a PM confirmation before dealing with me on skype, to make sure its me

    Quote Originally Posted by lTugaPTl View Post
    Every one can trust this guy! He made several Trades and NEVER SCAMMED! I 100% VOUCH HIM AS A SAFE TRADER!
    Quote Originally Posted by Mohaimen Hassan View Post
    done... traded for 2 warface accounts
    nice doing trade with you.. 100% smooth! I also went first!
    Quote Originally Posted by dannyhoo View Post
    Totally 100% trusted, Don't afraid to trade with this guy!

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxedout View Post
    Nice guy, makes trades simple and easy. Thanks! +Vouch!

    Quote Originally Posted by zenoo787 View Post
    My account has been traded. Thank you for kingofproz! It was all right. Trust him. He trades clean, we traded without OMM, fast.
    Quote Originally Posted by *Firefly View Post
    King is great guy, trusted member vouch for him

    Even More On VM's page Check them

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