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    Selling Major 2 and a First Lieutenant 1

    I have seen so many hackers, farmers and cheater in A.V.A. People farm exp, hack in co-op and more. I never did that. This is the most legit account you ever will buy. 900 Playtime rofl. I can't believe that i'm selling my main account. So pleas if you buy it, don't do something dumb with the account pleas

    By the way im not selling it for a hard price. I know it doesn't has many fancy guns. That's because i don't farm euro or gamble much.
    I am happy with a price of 30 euro or a copy of payday 3. I also accept TF2 crate keys or trading cards.
    If you´re interested in my account pleas add me on skype : ''S1nman''
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    Pointman 1.png  

    Rifleman 1.png  

    Rifleman 2.png  

    Rifleman 3.png  

    Sniper 1.png  

    sniper 2.png  

    z PM 1.png  

    z RM 1.png  

    z RM 2.png  

    z RM 3.png  

    z SM 1.png  


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