Stats: 1st Lt. 3rd/4th class (cant remember)
SD: 1.753
Wins/Losses: 1.8k wins/800losses

Pm; MP7(Perm), Desmodus
Rifle; Para(Perm), AMD, R4-Raffin, FN-FNC
Snipe; FrF2(Perm), PGM

I used to be a somewhat competitive player(would play tourneys, pugs, etc.),
thats why I only kept the main guns I actually needed,
but the games gotten really boring since all the good players left so I'm selling.

Looking to get a UCG as I'm too lazy to figure out paypal. I don't mind going first
as I have the email, but if you go first (give me UCG Code) ill give you all the info.

ImageShack - {13ava13042721105000j

leave your skype in comments, ill contact you