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    I'm selling this acc with exclusive weapons and one mega capsule weapon take a look

    Pointman: SPAS-15 Dragon (14 days), SR-2M Neon (13 days), Striker 12 (23 days), Remington 870, MP5A3
    Riffleman: Milad Fal (14 days), AK200 (6 days), AMD65, Remington R4, FN-FNC, G3A3
    Sniper: (Mega capsule weapon)-->Jormungand (29 days), M24, (Soon i will have Pgm.338)
    Secondary: Desert Eagle Silver (197 days)
    Knife: Ignis Scythe (6 days), Boa Kukri (23 days), Field Knife
    Grenades: M67 Grenade (17 days), Heart Breaker I (14 days), MK3A2 (6 days), Supply M67 Grenade
    Level: Staff Sargent Fifth class

    Post your's offers
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