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    1.9k AP for 11€

    So I got a method of getting 2k AP for just 11€. Cheaper than any payment method on aeria, not even using paypal recurring you get this amount of AP.

    I could try to explain this method, but it's a bit weird xD.

    But I'll try.
    I can buy a SIM card on my country for about 5€. It comes with 5€ balance to spend in SMS's and phone calls. I charge it with more money, then it comes with a special "booster" bonus, which adds me more 5€ to the money I had.

    Anyway, all it matters is that I do this for only 11€ (paypal only, since you can't do 1€ on paysafecard)

    As usual, people will get suspected that I'm "not trusted".. so be it. I can't change your mind, but if u wish to trade it, I'll gladly do it.

    Basicly, you send me 11€ to my paypal. Then, you (or me, if you think I won't steal you acc) go to Buy AP. Select the option PORTUGUESE - EUR, then scroll down to SMS payments, then select OneBip.

    Choose 4€, then send me the things I need to text them. This process will be repeated 3 times, to fully charge all the AP.

    Total and Exact Amount of AP = 1905 AP

    PS: FORGOT TO MENTION, but you also get a cellphone number to do ******s with. 0€ balance though xD.
    Contact me on skype: jnf.1997
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