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    My M.S. 4 or S.S 3 for acc with m40

    Hello there

    I'm willing one of my two accounts for an account for another account with m40a5 permanent( doesn't matter if there is only a m40a5 perm on that account).
    You guys/girls have the option to choose between two accounts:

    Pointman: Kriss Super V (perm)
    Rifleman: FN-FNC (perm)
    Sniper: Fr-f2 (perm)
    Pistols: 2 Super Redhawk's both perm
    s/d: 1.320
    Money: 32k
    never played a single escort on it
    rank: Staff Sergeant 3

    Pointman: MP7A1 (perm)
    Rifleman: FN-FNC (perm)
    Sniper: TPG-1 (perm) , PGM (perm AP'ed), DSR-1 (perm AP'ed)
    Pistols: Deagle (47days) , socom (perm AP'ed), TMP (perm)
    Knifes: Zonda Bat perm
    Money: 30k euro
    s/d: 1.177
    Rank: Master Sergeant 4

    So if you have an account with M40A5 permanent and willing to trade with one of these accounts, tell it me.

    My skype: iskmlnoxl

    Best regards


    p.s. see attachments as verification to my account details

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails
    AVA_131111_125009_[ 0, 0, 0][1][]_00.jpg  

    AVA_131111_125020_[ 0, 0, 0][1][]_00.jpg  

    AVA_131111_125345_[ 0, 0, 0][0][]_00.jpg  

    AVA_131111_125350_[ 0, 0, 0][0][]_00.jpg  

    AVA_131111_125359_[ 0, 0, 0][0][]_00.jpg  

    AVA_131111_125401_[ 0, 0, 0][0][]_00.jpg  

    AVA_131111_125526_[ 0, 0, 0][0][]_00.jpg  

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