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    First LT 5 20%

    Selling my First LT account, price 200$, name your Skype !
    OMM or you go first, no exceptions I won't be going first for my posts/thanks

    Decent win lose : 1k / 7
    Decent S/D : 2.0
    Euros : 150k

    Guns :

    Pointman : Kriss Death(48 Days), SG556 Snow Camo(Perm), Spas Jiao(Perm), M870 Neon(20 Days), Galil Mar Amaterasu(25 Days), Desmodus(Perm), MP7A1(Perm), Harimau P90(Perm)
    Rifleman : Para(Perm), AK200 Omon(Perm), Alligator(Perm), MILAD FAL(26 Days), OTs-Urushi(Perm), FG-42 Sumire(Perm), M4A1 Tiger(140 Days), FN2000 Maverick(Perm), L85A2 Antares(Perm), XM8(Perm), CZ805 SnowCamo (20 Days), SideWinder(Perm), AK Neon(20 Days), AK Dragon(140 Days), M4A1 MK3(Perm), Hawkeye(Perm), FNFNC(Perm).
    Sniper : PGM Urushi(20 Days), Noel FR(Perm), M40A5(Perm), DSR(Perm), PGM Kaliya(110Days), Mosin Roswell(20 Days), FR(Perm), ASW(Perm)
    Pistols : Luger(Perm), Python(Perm), AUTO9(Perm), S&W(Perm), 92FS Engrave(60 Days), S&W(Perm), Beretta Barbatos(Perm), FMG(Perm), MK23 Socom(Perm), SRH(Perm), Python(20 Days), Beretta Barbatos(20 Days), AUTO9 Death(20 Days), Milad57(5 Days).
    Melee : Holy Mackerel(130 Days), White Chocolate Panda Bat(20 Days).
    Extras : M67 Kaliya(290 Days), PNade(35 Days), Iyan SET(150 Days), Vasily & Anastia(20 Days), EXP 100%(90 Days), Euro Plus(35 Days).

    Screen shots :
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