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    Thumbs up Selling ava account level Lieutenant Colonel 1

    selling the account to 40 € by paypal

    add me and make proposals so I am selling this now for a price increase this week to 40 €

    With the following settings / weapons

    Point man

    Veresk OMON (perm) mega capsule
    pp-19 Opal (44 days)
    Golden Remigton 870 (perm) mega capsule
    mp5a3 (perm)
    Uzi Raven (perm)
    Match Turtle (perm)
    Galil Mar (perm)
    Training MP5K (perm)
    Kris Super V (perm)
    Other Galil Mar (perm)

    Rifle mAN

    Fg-42 Sumire (perm) mega capsule
    G3A3 (perm)
    Fal Hot Road (perm) mega capsule
    M4a1 mk3 (perm)
    ots-Urushi (perm) mega capsule
    M4a1 carpio (perm)
    training fn-2000 (perm)
    g36ka1 (perm)
    g36ka1 (perm)

    Sniper man

    Fr-f2 Opal (18 days)
    tpg-1 (perm)
    fr-f2 (perm)
    pgm.338 (perm)
    awm (perm)
    training blaser (perm)
    hk417 jiao (perm) mega capsule
    m24 (perm)
    other awm (perm)


    Desert-Urushi (perm) mega capsule
    Fn57 (perm) red tickets
    Super Redhawk

    Not intend to deceive anyone, rather than you just do not feel comfortable to do business with me, we can do business with a "midle man"

    add me on skype: mpgh.account

    prints to prove !
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