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    Thumbs up LoL account VS A.V.A account or AP

    Hello all!

    I'm here to trade my League of Legend account vs an A.V.A account.
    I search an account with AP guns. This account can have duck rank or other, i don't care
    I can eve trade this account against paysafecard, paypal money.

    Here is my LoL account :

    He's actually GOLD V

    SKINS :

    - Void Fizz
    - Pool Party Lee Sin
    - Phoenix Quinn
    - Mecha Kha'Zix
    - Dark Valkyrie Diana
    - Full Metal Jayce
    - Surprise Party Fiddlesticks
    - Full Metal Pantheon
    - Sewn chaos Orianna
    - Fiddle Me Timbers
    - Surfer Singed
    - Tango Twisted Fate

    To have more information, thanks to add me on skype : modernhds

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