Sup guys im here to sell a acc witch has:

Point- OA93, KAC-PDW,Kriss Death, Galil Amaretsu

Rifle- SA 58 PARA, G36 Alligator,Fal Cannon, M4A1 Marine,AN-94 Death, M4A1 Carpio, FN2000 Maverick

Snipers- Fr-F2, M40A5, VSS Death, DSR-1, Kar98k Raijin, HK417, Asw.338 Pegasus, TPG-1 EPKO

Secondaries- Colt SAA, Mk.23 Tempest

Knives- Blue Zonda Bath

Ap Yan Armour for more then 150 days, 73 Days 100%XP, 100 days Euro plus

Rank- Seargent First Class 5th S/D 2.002 PayPal only for the trade add me on Skype: RunescaperPV

I have been true allot off trades without any problems