-Ak74U Fullmoon
-10ga. Blue horse
-Kriss Humble V
-MP7A1 White Tiger
-Saiga 12 leo 2x
-Kriss Death

-Uzi mod 0
-Galir mar

-L85A2 Antares
-QBZ97 Panda
-FN2000 Maverick
-Ak47 mk3 neon
-M4A1 Bronx
-AMD-65 Phoenix

-Ots groza 2x

-PGM Kaliya
-Mosin nagant rosswell
-Tpg Rosswell
-Fr-fr2 Gold horse
-ASW Pegasus
-Jormungand 3x

-M40A5 2X
-SV98 Bis
-Fr-fr 2

-Walther 2x

-Euro bonus 30 days
-Exp bonus 100% 20 days
-Exp bonus 30% 5x expendable
+ M67 Black snake

All guns except AMD are bought for AP and can be equiped on second slot

Paypal only , OMM or u go first don't add me if u want scam me i'm not stupid...
Skype: krzycho5664 fell free to add me
Immediate sell 60$
Screens https://imgur.com/a/9wqqf

I give acc and original mail ,acc isn't linked with steam