Rank: LT 4th class

10k euros, 11 Blue tickets, 4 red tickets, 1 coupon.

Please keep in mind that all of these guns are perm!

Pointman: Desmodus, Kriss Death, Mp7a1, K1A1 rail, and Galil Mar.

Rifleman: Fal Cannon, m4a1 Opal, M4a1 marine, G36KA1, ak-47 mk.3, Sako RK.95

Sniper: Fr-F2, Awm, ASW338 Pegasus

Pistols: TMP, Mk.23 Tempest

Grenades: Bramley Pie Grenade(30 days), 2x blue smoke (Expendable)
Give me an offer and Pay me in STEAM CARDS or AERIAGAME CARDS! Add me on skype or talk to me on raidcall! if you're interested! Skype: kevin_swagg12 Raidcall Group: 5544332