Hey there, guys!
I'm willing to sell my Alliance of Valiant Arms Account since I started to fully concentrate on Counter-Strike again. The account has a high amount of weapons, especially weapons allowed for ESL (account hasn't been used in ESL yet). There are quite a few Mega Cap weapons though.


Rank: Lt. colonel 2nd class
Game record: 2142 Wins - 1948 Losses
S/D: 1.558
Experience Points: 88%
Supply Points: 27%
Money: 87460€ (ingame money)
AP: 38
BP: 1000
Coupons: 2
Blue Tickets: 85
Red Tickets: 32

Weapons: 89

Pointman: 23

OA-93 (perm)
Kriss Death (perm)
MP5A3 (perm)
Kriss Death (perm)
Kriss Death (perm)
SPAS-12 MOD 0 (perm)
Neostead 2000 (perm)
AKS-74U Desmodus (perm)
SR-2M Veresk (perm)
Remington870 (perm)
OA-93 Sharks (perm) (MegaCap)
Training MP5K (perm)
MP7A1 Altan (perm) (MegaCap)
Uzi Raven (perm)
MP7A1 Roswell (perm)
Saiga-12 (perm)
MP7A1 White Tiger (perm) (MegaCap)
SR-2M Phoenix (perm) (MegaCap)
Dual TMP (perm)
P90 (perm)
Thompson M1921 (perm)
SG552 RIS (perm)
Kriss Super V (perm)

Rifleman: 26

SA58 Para (perm)
M4A1 Marine (perm)
M4A1 Marine (perm)
XM8 (perm)
XCR Kraken (perm)
M4A1.Bumblebee (perm)
K2 MOD 1 (perm)
CZ 805 BREN A1 (perm)
AK-12 (perm)
M14 DMR (perm)
FAL Cannon (perm)
G3A3 (perm)
Rx4 Aphrodite (perm) (MegaCap)
Training FN-F2000 (perm)
M4A1 Carpio (perm)
FAMAS MK.3 Freyja (perm) (MegaCap)
M16A4 D.Shadow (perm) (MegaCap)
FA-MAS.MK3 (perm)
FG42 (perm)
AMD-65 (perm)
StG44 Jumpmaster (perm)
RX-4 Raffin (perm)
Sako RK.95 (perm)
M14EBR (perm)
FN-FNC (perm)
AK-47 Predator (perm)

Sniper: 17

DSR-1 (perm)
ASW338 Pegasus (perm)
ASW338 Pegasus (perm)
ASW338 Pegasus (perm)
ASW.338 (perm)
M24 Fleur-de-lys (perm)
HK417 Sniper (perm)
MSG90A1 D.Shadow (perm) (MegaCap)
PGM.338 (perm)
M40A5 Pothos (perm) (MegaCap)
Mosin-Nagant (perm)
FR-F2 (perm)
PGM.338 Argos (perm) (MegaCap)
M24 (perm)
Training Blaser R93 (perm)
VSS Katana (perm)
VSS (perm)

Pistols: 17

Beretta Barbatos (perm)
Glock21C Neon (perm)
HK45 Tactical (perm)
FN57 (perm)
Beretta92FS (expendable)
Colt SAA (perm)
CZ75 (perm)
TMP (perm)
Beretta M93Ra (perm)
Python 357 (perm)
Glock21C (expendable)
Colt SAA (perm)
Glock21C Neon (perm)
MK23 Socom (perm)
Mk.23 Tempest (perm)
Mk.23 Tempest (perm)
Mk.23 Tempest (perm)

Knives: 6

Kukri Caiman (perm) (MegaCap)
Kukri Caiman (perm) (MegaCap)
Field Knife (perm)
Kukri Caiman (perm) (MegaCap)
Pirate Captain Bat (perm)
Pirate Bat (perm)

Masks & other stuff:

M67 Black Snake (perm)
M67 Caiman (perm)
Jason Death (perm) (mask)
5x Supply Point Up 30% (expendable)

(Yes, I do have a few weapons more than once)

Screenshots: See below


If you are interested, leave a comment or send me a private message!





Looking forwards to hear from you guys!