Hey guys, so I stopped playing A.V.A. and am playing CS:GO, so I would like to sell it or trade it fot CS:GO Skins and knives,
we can just negotiate the price and you can buy the skins on the steam market, or we will workt it out!
Interested people can post on this thread, and also send me an offer here or on inbox.

Major 5th class.

19k Euro.

Striker 12 Cabover, MP7A1 Roswell, Veresk OMON, Kriss Death, Noel AKS-74U, Striker12,
SPAS-15 Jiao, Saiga12 Leo, Kriss Houou, SR-2 Veresk, Kriss Super V.

AK-12 Unit 01, G36 Alligator, FN-FNC, OTs-Urushi, Golden FN-F2000, AK-12,
Milad FAL(PARA),XCR Kraken, M4A1 Peony, AK-47 Predator, Kel-tec RFB, FG-42 Sumire,
M4A1 Carpio, FA-MAS.MK3, L85A2 Antares, TAR-21 Cherry, AK-47 Hawkeye, K2 RaiL.

Jormungand (asw), Mosin-Nagant, PGM.338, SV98 OMON, FR-F2, M40A5 Warhorse,
SV98 Jiao, DSR-1 Altan, TPG1 Sevres, FR-F2 Neon, TP-1 Roswell(2x), Mad Galil Anubis,
VSS Katana, VSS, Knights SR25.

Milad57(FN57), Desert Urushi, Desert Eagle, SW1911 Argento, Luger P-08, Lugar P-08 Dragoon, Glock21C Neon (2x), Ingram MAC10, Super Redhawk.

Harpoon Dragoon.
Also has MK3A2 Red wine, perm.
All listed is permanent ofc. (: