After 4 years of playing AVA i decided to quit the game for reasons like unregs and the dead competitive scene.

Here are my guns


-Veresk Saphirre
-MP 40
-Blue Skull


-M4A1 Carpio
-Sa58 Para
-G36 Blue Horse
-M4A1 Freedom
-K2 Amur Tiger
-M1 Poseidon
-QBZ97 Panda
-L58 Antares
-Fg 42 Rosewell
-Fall Hot Road
-Milad Fall
-M14 Fullmoon
-Ots 14 Blue Dragon
-Famas Mk3
-Snow Leopard M16
-M14 EBR
-Para tortoise
-Scra L Duck Hunt
-Seroja Ak-74M
-Ak-47 Predator
-SG 556
-Robinson XCR


-Mosin Nagant rosewell
-M40A5 White Tiger
-TPG-1 Epko
FR-F2 Gold Horse
-Asw Phoenix
-Blazer R93


-Glock Neon
-Desert Eagle Black Edition
-HK45 Tatcical
-Colt sAA
-Ingram Mac 10
-Python 357
-Beretta Barbatos
-Luger P-08
-Beretta M93Ra
-SW 1911

I have over 1090 Hours of playing and over 8000 games my KD is 1,492.

I hope I can upload the screenshots, if that doesnt work just add me on skype and i will send you the screens of the inventory and the playing hours and other stuff there.

If you are interested add me on Skype.
Skype-Name: FrohesNeuesTzehe